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The Glassblowing Process

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First gather
Hot glass is gathered on the blowpipe from the furnace tank and shaped
Second gather
A small puff of air through the blowpipe starts the glass bubble.
Final shape on blowpipe
The blown form is ready to be broken off the blowpipe and transferred to the solid rod pontil, so the open end of the bubble can be heated in the furnace.
Bubble transferred to pontil
The glass bubble is on the pontil with the open end ready to be heated in the furnace.
Heat spinning the bubble
By turning the pontil a little faster as it heats up in the 2400° furnace, centrifugal force makes the bubble spin out to a flat plate.
Final plate form
The finished form is allowed to cool slightly before the pontil is broken away so that the glass can be placed in a 1000° kiln to cool slowly and anneal the glass.
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